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Intensity: Purple and Red

Welcome to the Intensity Guild website

11/19/2011 - Purple and Red: Better late than Never.

Got a little behind on updating this week, last Saturday the guild made some excellent progress, downing the 3rd boss in Gilded Prophecy, we look forward to finishing up with the final boss down in the next couple weeks.  I would like to thank everyone for their participation in keeping Intensity as successful as it is. thanks!

The Death of: 

11/12/2011 - Purple and Red, Revolutions

We had another exceptional night of raiding last night with a full, and very speedy clear of DH, followed by a successful night of progression in Gilded Prophecy.  We are eagerly anticipating our next raid in the hopes of finishing up our progression in GP, hope to see you there, Purple and Red forever.

The Death of: Anrak the Foul

The death of: Guurloth

11/8/2011 - Revenge of the Purple and Red

Another raid was completed last night and the guild first completion of The Drowned Halls was accomplished in near record time. We even got to poke our heads into Gilded Prophecy and take a look around; Congrats to us and thanks to everyone who has made this night possible, even if you were not in the raid your continued support of Intensity is what makes this group tick.  I am proud to call myself a team member of Intensity, keep up the good work.

The Death of: 

The Death of
: High Priestess Hydriss

We see you out there. in the distance, taunting us, not to fear, we are coming, and you are next:

11/3/2011 - Purple and Red Strike Back!

Intensity got together it's first raid last night and made some real progress towards getting in some raiding for a casual type guild.  We all made some progress, made some loot, got to know each other a bit better and had some real fun in the progress.  I can't wait to get us all together and do it again, special thanks to all who made this night possible

The Death of: Assault Commander Jorb.  

The Death of:  Joloral Ragetide:

Guild News

Guild Raiding days and times.

EdglerVess, Nov 3, 11 12:46 PM.
I have gotten a bit of feedback when it comes to our raid times and who like to make a few adjustments.  Our raids times (barring any unofficial guild runs). Will be Thurs. from 5:30- 7:30 server time, and one "Floater" day that we can work in that seems to be best for everyone at that particular week (This raid will generally be 5:30 - 7:30 as well barring any unforeseen circumstances).  I am hoping the tweak a half an hour forward will make life a bit easier on some of our east coasters.

With all of this being said, spontaneous building of an Intensity raid, at any time, is encouraged to be put together by anyone, not just folks with officer or raid leader titles. 

I will continue to monitor the situation as the need arises, there has also been some discussion of possibly putting together a weekend raid instead of one of the weekdays.  I will monitor total numbers and amount of interest in a weekend run.

Thank you for your continued support.
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